How to Update to the AnKing Overhaul
We strongly recommend you watch this video because it explains things better; however, due to reasonable demand, we fleshed out the steps here. 

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Updating from

All Decks

Step 1: Put all cards in AnKing head deck

Put "Zank Step Decks", "Zanki Pharmacology", and "Lolnotacop" under a head deck "AnKing" (see image below). This also applies to "Cheesy Dorian (M3)", "Zanki Step 2" and "MedicalArk" Any MCAT deck should be under the "AnKing-MCAT" head deck It is important that all of your decks are spelled exactly like this. This ensures that when you import the cards that I have added, they go into the correct decks instead of creating new decks. NOTE: Cards will still update even if they are not in the correct decks, it is just preferred to put them as close as possible so that new cards will import into the correct places EXTRA tip: We recommend suspending, reviewing or flagging all new cards so that you can easily separate them from any new cards that import

Step 3: Import the new update into original profile

Go back to Anki main screen a. Go down to the bottom of the screen. i. Hit Import ii. Open the new deck update file c. Your scheduling should still be the same if you did everything properly The dialogue box that comes up should read "Notes updated, as file had newer version." If there are any notes that were "skipped" you may have done something wrong.

Backup your current deck

This video shows how to do this. Export your current deck a. This will essentially back up your deck b. Go to File -> Export c. Change the “Export Format” Drop down box to “Anki Deck Package (.apkg)” i. If you just have the AnKing deck, choose All Decks ii. If you have other decks besides the AnKing deck, change the drop down to AnKing (unless you want to backup your entire collection) d. Ensure that “Include scheduling information” and “Include Media” are checked e. Hit Export i. For ease of access, Export the file to your desktop.

Step 2: Set up the Special Fields add-on

*This step is only if you have made personal edits to the cards that you do not want to get deleted a. Go to Tools->"Special fields" i. If this is not available, make sure you have the add-on installed b. Click the 'Update' Settings button c. If you want to protect additional tags or fields, enter them in the appropriate area of the add-on dialog

Cleaning up and sync

Cleaning up: a. Go to the top bar on the screen b. Select Tools -> Check Media i. A pop-up box with weird numbers will pop up after a while ii. It will say delete Unused media in the bottom corner iii. Click that and it will clean up the files so they run faster 1. It will probably take a bit. c. Go to Browse on the main screen i. On the top bar, click on notes 1. Select Clear Unused Tags ii. Suspend any new cards that got imported by searching "is:new -is:suspended" 1. Click one of the search result cards and then do Ctrl/Cmd+A 2. Right click in the area listing all the cards that are now selected and then suspend. Go back to the Home Screen and Press Sync a. If it asks you, Upload to the Web. You will need to Download from the web on any other devices i. This may take a while due to the size

Things to download before you start

*If you are using a deck that already has images, you will not need to download these. a. Anki 2.1.28+ b. Special Fields add-on (be sure to restart after installing) c. The deck you are updating with (if it is an AnKing deck, we recommend getting the version with images shared on reddit)