AnKing MCAT Overhaul Updates Log
This has been a HUGE amount of work. Please consider supporting us by following us, becoming a Patron and/or Donating (links below)


Initial Release

  • Merged Miledown and Abdullah decks.

  • Converted Coffin's subdecks to Kahn Academy tags

  • Coordinated with Pixorize to add tags and images for many of their videos.

  • Set up a document to submit errors and errata

  • New note type based on the AnKingMaster note type for the step 1 overhaul decks. See this video for details on the Cloze-AnKingMaster-v2 note type which is extremely similar

    • HUGE update thanks to Phil (u/Ankiphil) for helping with this! Phil is the author of the Ankiphil deck and the updates in this note type will also be used in that deck's update

    • The new note type, Cloze-AnKingMCAT now has a Pixorize field. Thank you to those who donated via venmo and paypal to make this possible (links below). 

    • There are now Buttons instead of Text Hints. Buttons can be triggered with the Hint Hotkeys add-on, clicked, or with custom hotkeys, including a hotkey that will open all. Clicking and custom hotkeys can close and open the fields.

    • Default shortcuts are Alt+1-9 or ' to show/hide all.

    • Note: To use the shortcuts you will need to be on Anki 2.1.36+ or have the Refocus Card when Reviewing (2.1) Add-on installed

    • The view will scroll to the hint that is opened automatically. This can be turned off in the settings in the back template

    • To show fields automatically, move fields around or customize this note type watch this video (coming soon!)

    • There is an AnKing Style available or the default Shamim style (similar to how the original Miledown deck was). 

      • The downloadable content folders have .txt files that can by copied and pasted into the styling. ONLY replace the CUSTOMIZABLE SECTION

  • Converted this Kaplan organized deck into tags and added them so that the entire deck is tagged by Kaplan

  • Many errata updates (thanks to Yasin Sadeghian and everyone who reported errata!)

  • Coordinated with Pixorize to update tags and images for their MCAT videos (including recent content)

  • Card type updates:

    • Fixed a bug that was causing shortcuts to only work every other card

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