How The AnKing Got Started

My first experience with Anki was terrible. A few friends recommended it for me for the MCAT and I tried it for a week or two, but got so frustrated that I eventually gave up. I turned to Quizlet and used the "tunnel method" (a spaced repetition method I had used to learn Chinese on my mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). Fast forward to med school and I found out that there were pre-made decks and students using them were getting 100th percentile on the board exams. At this point, I decided to dive in headfirst. My first semester was full of experimenting and playing with all of Anki's features and add-ons. It took a few months before I felt I really had a handle on it, but once I understood it decently well I wrote up a google doc to share with my classmates that were still struggling. I quickly realized that reading text instructions wasn't very effective, so I started making short videos to help with understanding. With the help of a few friends (now the AnKing team🙌🏼), I decided to make about 20 YouTube videos on Anki basics during our fall break and share them on reddit. 1 year and almost half a million views later, we have over 90 videos and a neverending list of all the videos we still want to make. We have loved being able to help fellow med students and give back to such a great community!

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