AnKing Overhaul Step 2 Updates Log
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Initial Release

  • Merged cards from Cheesy Dorian, Anking step 1 and Zanki Step 2

  • Sorted through 5000+ duplicates and merged them

    • Any duplicates with the step 1 deck, we moved images and tags over to the step 1 deck (We placed the information in the Additional Resources field).

  • Moved NBME or UWorld question screenshots from the Extra field to the Additional Resources field.​

  • IMPORTANT: There are some lightyear cards in this deck so if cards are skipped during update, that is probably why

  • Sorted through an insane amount of duplicates

    • Those tagged with !DELETE can be deleted right away.

    • Those tagged with !POTENTIAL_DUPLICATE have not been merged with the step 1 cards yet. We would recommend you flag these cards and try to pull step 1 cards on those cards instead (they're far better quality anyway)

    • Any duplicates with the step 1 deck, we moved images and tags over to the step 1 deck (We placed the information in the Additional Resources field). 

  • Moved NBME or UWorld question screenshots from the Extra field to the Additional Resources field.​

  • Added this deck off reddit which contains a lot of information from UWorld and AMBOSS Qbanks that is not currently in the deck

  • Added a !Shelf tag that combines everything needed for specific shelf exams. Each shelf tag has a subtag "no_dupes" that removes all cards tagged with !DELETE or !POTENTIAL_DUPLICATE

  • New #UWorld tag which tags all cards related to specific UWorld Question IDs

  • Card Styling:

    • The tags are starting to get dense and lots of content is being added to fields. This video explains how to customize the card styling including showing/hiding the tags and making fields appear closer the top/bottom and how to make fields appear automatically.

    • Added code to the back template from this reddit post so that you can highlight words and then tap "W" to pull up a wikipedia popup

    • Changed the image zoom on hover on the last 4 fields to image zoom on click (had many requests for this)

    • Added a change to the note type so that the cards don't fade in between every review (makes card switching faster)

    • AMBOSS underline code removed as changing colors is now supported directly within the AMBOSS Add-on



  • Thanks to u/blueskies2101 who updated the step 2 tagging system to make it more organized by rotation.  There are now two tags for organization: #Resources for the new tag organization and OG_decks for the original deck organization (subdecks converted to tags)

  • Added more duplicate and potential duplicate tags.

  • All OME videos are tagged for IM thanks to u/hoosier7923. More to come!

  • The Cheesy_dorian_v2 new cards were not merged into this deck because there were a lot of duplicates.

  • Offensive images and text were removed. If you find others, please let us know.

  • Card Styling:

    • Added code for the clickable tags to toggle them on or off with the "c" key. They will by default show or not show depending on your settings in the "styling" control, but during review you can click the card field and then tap "c" to toggle them on or off.


  • Added more potential duplicate tags.

  • Added a !NotDoing tag. These are cards that I (The AnKing) have decided not to do as going through my rotations (Surgery, OBGYN, Peds and FM so far). This is because I felt the cards were lower yield, I already knew them well enough, or it was something I could reason through based on other cards in the deck. This is very customized for my personal study and may not fit you perfectly, but I hope it at least helps guide you easier so you can do the least amount possible and still do well :)

  • OME videos tagged for multiple subjects (thanks to u/hoosier7923 and u/nw_throw). Restructured these so they are tagged under #OME instead of by rotation. We will continue restructuring the old tags in future updates.

  • JB sketchypath adds that are step 2 relevant were tagged

  • Card Styling:

    • HUGE update thanks to Phil (u/Ankiphil) for helping with this! Phil is the author of the Ankiphil deck and the updates in this note type will also be used in that deck's update

    • The new note type, Cloze-AnKingMaster-v2 now has a Pixorize field thanks to Henrik Giesel updating the special fields add-on. Thank you to those who donated via venmo and paypal to make this possible (links below). 

    • There are now Buttons instead of Text Hints. Buttons can be triggered with the Hint Hotkeys add-on, clicked, or with custom hotkeys, including a hotkey that will open all. Clicking and custom hotkeys can close and open the fields.

    • Default shortcuts are Alt+1-9 or ' to show/hide all.

    • Note: To use the shortcuts you will need to be on Anki 2.1.36+ or have the Refocus Card when Reviewing (2.1) Add-on installed

    • The view will scroll to the hint that is opened automatically. This can be turned off in the settings in the back template

    • To show fields automatically, move fields around or customize this note type watch this video